You know it’ll be good when the trailer hurts you like this. [X]



Wherein Ten continues to bullshit his way through being a Time Lord

*blames himself to get himself out of trouble*

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I feel ya on the being single thing. I get it ALL THE TIME, it sucks :/


whenever my friends posts selfies im like a aa aaaaAAA there u r !!!! u have a face !!!!!!!!! hi ! ! ! its such a happy experience i love my friends


everyone’s always going on about pureblood and muggleborn culture in hogwarts but what about the halfbloods

they’re the ones who know all the lyrics to the weird sisters songs and bastille songs they crush on the chosen one and tom hiddleston they go to both walt disney world and the quidditch world cup final for summer holiday and use magic to fix their laptops they’ve got the best of both worlds

So we had a family reunion at the weekend and various family members kept asking me if I have a boyfriend and when I was awkwardly like “um haha no I’m not really looking for one right now” they were just like “ah right… but wouldn’t it be nice?” I was like “um yeah I guess? but I’m just not really thinking about it atm” and they’d go “mmmm, but y’know….you’ve been single for a long time, right?…” and it’s like YES THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THAT UP.

And after my graduation my mum was like “you know, I was kind of expecting you to have a bf when you graduated…” in this really pointed way.

Various friends keep mentioning it as well, like “dude - you’ve been single for nearly two years, you need a boyfriend!!!!” “you know, I think you’d be happier with a bf”

and I’m just like WHY DOES IT MATTER WHY DOES EVERYBODY CARE SO MUCH THAT I AM SINGLE???? WHY DOES EVERYBODY SOUND SO CONCERNED FOR ME??? It’s not like I go round moping about the fact that I’m single! I’m actually quite happy being single right now, but the more everyone keeps bringing it up the shittier I feel about it… But I’m 21, I’m not exactly “on the shelf”?? And I don’t need to a guy in order to feel happy in myself or to make me feel like I’m worth something. In fact, I just don’t NEED a guy. I mean like, okay, I kind of miss the feeling of having that kind of relationship with someone.. but I’m not SAD that I don’t have it right now, y’know? and like, everyone just sounds kind of sad for me and it’s just like PISS OFF, I DON’T NEED YOUR PITY







I mixed the last page of the epilogue (read by the amazing Stephen Fry) with Leaving Hogwarts, changed the levels and unfortunately to make it fit, cut some bits out. But yes. This is what it sounds like.

My dear Claudia, please tell me you found this and are sobbing your eyes out right now…

I got chills. I have goosebumps. I am crying. And I’m not just saying that. I am literally crying.


the year is 2014 AD. the human race has existed for over 200,000 years. men still think women pee out of the vagina.



"Muggleborns in Hogwarts starting a film club and introducing Purebloods to any number of Teen romantic comedies"


What Muggleborns should do is start a film club and make Purebloods watch something that will scare the shit out of them. Make them watch Alien. Silence of the Lambs. Final Destination. Saw.

Show a them marathon of the best of Muggle horror and watch their eyes widen and faces go pale as they realize just how fucked up Muggles are.


I’m trying to carry on rewatching Buffy so I can make more photosets but I keep getting distracted by books…. woops…